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Introduction Video

About Us

Heilongjiang Hengyuan Food Co., Ltd. was established in Sep, 2000. which has four modern factories located in Huanan County, Hailin City, Bayannaoer City, and Wuxi City.Listed on the NEEQ board in 2015 and entered the innovation level the following year. In 2017, Hengyuan imported all full sets of production equipments from Buhler Swiss, and built a whole chain production line of grain products including grain powder, grain granules, grain bars, and plant protein.

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Intelligent, efficient, breakthrough manufacturing technology

Smart Factory

Hengyuan Whole Grain Extract is one of the world's two most advanced grain smart factories, and is committed to providing the world with whole-grain food research and development, customization, and processing solutions. The enterprise takes the world-leading technology - whole Grain Extract four dimensional nutrition technology as the core, and takes the lead in realizing the full variety, full nutrition, full form, and full absorption of grains through Hengyuan▪Whole Grain Extract Intelligence System (smart center, smart production, smart service), for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and more than 50 countries in the world have provided high-standard cereal food customization programs.Every day, hundreds of millions of people are enjoying the cereal food developed and produced by Hengyuan Whole Grain Extract technology, satisfying the nutrition and health brought by high-quality whole grain.

Hengyuan▪Whole Grain Extract
Four-dimensional nutrition technology


All variety

Full range of custom quality whole grain varieties at 45 degrees north latitude

All Kinds Of: Customized 45 ° N High Quality Whole Grain Varie


All The Nutrition

Customize the complete nutrition of a single whole grain

Full Nutrition: Customize A Full Grain Full Nutrition


Total Absorption

Customize the total absorption standard for each grain

Full Absorption: Customize Each Grain Of The Human Body Absorb


All form

Versatile grains, customized grain full form

Characteristics: All Changed Grains, Custom Grain Morphology


Six product lines


Production System

Hengyuan WGE Smart Factory, fully automated and intelligent production, meets all your grain and food processing and packaging needs in a one-stop manner.

At the same time, each production line is equipped with real-time monitoring, sensor timely feedback data, and careful management of all data to ensure that each production line maintains the best performance and ensure that each product has high-quality products.

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Service System

Smart service throughout the entire customized system, from demand to R&D to production, and the whole process of market, through the professional insight of service personnel and equipment sensor data, we track feedback, improve analysis, provide you with technical services, optimization services, continuous services, continuous development, to help you increase sales, optimize costs and ensure food quality throughout the cycle of product development, production and sales.

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Hengyuan▪Whole Grain Extract
Exported to more than 50 countries around the world


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